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Year 5

Summer Term 

The Summer Term Curriculum is filled with lots of exciting topics!

In Science, children will be taken on an exciting journey through Space, learning about the Sun, the Earth and the Solar System. This will include learning how to spot the famous constellations in the sky! Furthermore, they will design and create rockets in DT based on their learning of space travel and explore key events such as the first moon landing.   


In History, the children will research key events during World War One, looking at the role Britain played during the war. This will prepare them for their later learning of World War Two in year 6.  In Art, they will study Greek pots to consolidate their previous learning on the Greeks. Hopefully, to make a Greek pot at home too. 


Topics covered in English will help children to consolidate all the writing skills they have been practising in year 5 and the key skills they will need to prepare them for year 6: a range of fiction and non- fiction texts including balanced arguments, narrative poems and Science Fiction stories. 

Learning in maths will focus on revising and deepening children’s understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as time and money, measurement and statistics.

Dear Year 5

Happy New Year! I hope you are all well.

Your teachers (class teacher and Maths teacher) will let you know which group you are in for your daily tuition session (please see the list posted on google classroom) For instance, if you are part of group 1, you will need to follow group 1 timetable whilst you are at home. Please see below the timetables for all 4 groups. We will be uploading work to google classroom but if you are having difficulty viewing documents, please refer to the work on this page of the website, which are word documents of the work set on google classroom. If work is completed on paper, please get an adult to take a picture of it and upload it to google classroom so that your teacher can give you feedback. However, we do prefer you to complete the work on google classroom as your teacher is able to give you more specific feedback. Please also ensure you log into Mathletics everyday. We will be assigning new tasks every morning.

Please join the Google Classroom Meet link on Monday 4th January at 8:30 in the morning. Your teachers will be sharing Home Learning expectations with you.

Thank you. 

Mrs Gil