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Vision Statement

At our academy, we wish for good quality R.E. lessons to be taught across the whole school. We teach RE lessons that cover a range of themes and religions. We teach that whilst some may follow a religion, others may not. 

Children will develop the following key skills: 


  • recognising values we believe in
  • empathy
  • finding similarities in other religions/practices to foster understanding (a key British Value)


Artefacts are used in lessons to deepen children’s learning and familiarise them with objects from a range of practices as well as to generate curiousity.

We add to our RE lessons by ensuring pupils hear from visitors or visit a place of worship - each year group visits a different place of worship each year. It is through such experiences that pupils realise the special features of another religion and the commonalities that exist too. 

We also have festival assemblies performed by particular year groups but parents from across the whole academy are welcome to attend. We usually have food and drink to accompany too! 

We always end the year with a Celebration of Culture that recognises the value of each of us in the Wood End Park Community.