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We are Remarkable Readers!

"Reading is a passport to countless adventures." Mary Pope Osborne

World Book Day 2023

Reading Intent 


We value reading. Reading takes place in every class, independently, in groups and as a whole class. This is reflected in children reading every day, both in school and at home. Parents are offered reading workshops where they are equipped with the skills they need to support their child in reading at home.


Reading is embedded across all curriculum subjects. For example, a novel may be used to stimulate writing in English. We also use subject specific books from our ‘topic boxes’ and high quality text extracts in non-core lessons.

We introduce and explore subject specific vocabulary in every lesson to help scaffold our children’s learning and acquisition of knowledge. We ensure that the books that children read independently cover a range of topics and genres to expand their contextual knowledge, and allow them to expand their vocabulary and build a life-long love of reading.

Every summer, children are encouraged to visit the library and take part in the Summer Reading Challenge. Reading is celebrated on World Book Day and with the Book Fair visiting every term.

Reading in Early Years: Indoor and Outdoors