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Vision Statement


Studies have shown that learning a foreign language can help to improve memory and decision-making  - and consolidate skills in the core subjects of maths, English and reading. 

At Wood End Park Academy, children are given a valuable opportunity to develop a positive attitude towards other languages and cultures through learning French. By raising awareness of aspects of their own language and making comparisons with French, we hope to enrich their understanding of both.

Our children acquire and develop their understanding of French language and culture through a range of contexts and learning activities: 

  • Games
  • Role play
  • Video
  • Songs & rhymes

Learning progresses from simple words and phrases to full sentences and descriptions. Children collaborate in their learning through pair- and groupwork.


We introduce a phonics-based learning approach in Year 3 to further encourage independence in French pronunciation which we revise in every lesson. This will support children with reading new word in French. 


Authentic materials are used to enrich their experience and children are able to listen to a variety of native speakers. They are encouraged to be adventurous and are taught to express themselves in written and spoken French and to understand and respond to its speakers. Children learn dictionary skills, which can be applied to other language learning in KS3.


Each year in July, KS1 and KS2 enjoy participating in Bastille Day activities. They learn about France and its history and enjoy such events as baking competitions, playing pétanque, building their own Eiffel Tower, studying Paris fashion and studying/recreating the work of French artists such as Marcel Marceau, Rousseau and Seurat.


By boosting confidence and competence in French during Key Stage 2, we aim to fully prepare our children for further language studies at secondary school and for their later roles in our global society.

Here are some of our pupils’ opinions about French at WEPA:


French is fun to learn!

It’s always good to know another language if you should travel to a country where they speak the language.

I enjoy everything about the French language, French is my fave lesson in school.

Madame Strinic