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Mental Health Education

We Care about our Mental Health!

"A child's mental health is just as important as their physical health and deserves the same quality of support!" Duchess of Cambridge- Kate Middleton

Meditation Workshop

Mental Health Education Intent

Mental Health Education is a priority in our current climate and heavily promoted within our Academy. Emotional wellbeing is a clear indicator of academic achievement, success and satisfaction in later life. We believe that it is pivotal for pupils to understand the variety of emotions that they experience and to develop an understanding of how to manage these and how to navigate different situations appropriately. Our curriculum will enable pupils to utilise self -care techniques such as exercise, a healthy balance between work and play, rest and how other people can have a positive impact on them. We use events such as anti-bullying week to highlight the impact of bullying and by supporting charitable causes, we raise awareness of how mental health could be negatively impacted by bullying, leading to long term issues. We create a safe environment where children feel secure and confident enough to confide in and seek support from adults.