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Thoughtful Theologian Checklist





  • I can understand what it is to have faith.
  • I can make respectful, reasoned judgements about belief and practice e.g. Hindus are vegetarian because… What are your thoughts on this?
  • I can understand and respect faiths in my local area.
  • I can learn about a religion and apply lessons from religion e.g. Sikhs use the 5Ks. I know what they are and why they are important to Sikhs; I understand what they represent. I can use this to think about what 5 things are special to me. Do I know any other religions with special objects?
  • I will develop different skills: analysis, reasoning, judgement, interpretation and evaluation. 
  • I can deepen my understanding of different religious practise by looking at artefacts and understanding what they are used for.
  • I can develop a better understanding of the multi-cultural society in which I live.
  • I can think about and express my own values.

    I take the opportunity to consider and discuss ‘Life’s Big Questions’ e.g. Do animals have feelings? How and why did the universe begin?