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We are Jolly Geographers!

“The study of Geography is about more than just memorising places on a map. It’s about understanding the complexity of our world.” Barack Obama

Geography Intent

We use Geography to ensure pupils gain knowledge about where they live and the importance of how to look after their local area and the planet. They will think like a geographer: carrying out fieldwork; analysing data and maps; and building on geographical knowledge throughout their time at school. Our intent is for pupils to also celebrate their local community; celebrate diversity across other nations; and to challenge stereotypes that may exist about places and cultures. They will develop an understanding of a range of human and physical features of geography and a strong awareness of the natural and social world. Pupils’ knowledge of the world will raise their own aspirations to inspire their future life choices.

(created with the teachers- updated 2021)


Geography in EYFS

We asked the children how learning Geography made them feel...