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We are Maths Magicians!

"Pure mathematics is, in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas." Albert Einstein 

Maths Intent

Through our maths lessons, every single child will have an opportunity to ‘have a go’ and will receive feedback during the lesson. They will be able to use their growth mind set and metacognitive thinking when responding to questions posed to them by adults. Each child will further develop their expected reflection of others’ and their own work, to provide challenge and check for accuracy. Through use of talk partners, pupils will explain, reason and justify their calculations and work. Each child will experience challenge at a personal level, choosing from layers that help them know and do more from the start. Children will be ably supported to recall prior mathematical knowledge and be expected to apply this to their work moving forward to avoid barriers to their progress.

Mathematical Policies


At our school we reason in maths every day. Reasoning helps us when we approach a new concept and it is the glue that helps us understand different concepts. We would like you to complete the reasoning challenges at home and explain to others how you worked it out. Look out for new challenges each term. 

Mathletics - information for parents

Your child is using Mathletics as part of their mathematics program at WEPA. Mathletics is a targeted, rewarding and captivating online learning resource, which is aligned to curriculum standards. Your child has take-home access to Mathletics – they simply sign in with their school username and password using any compatible computer or mobile device. The extra Mathletics practice at home can make all the difference to your child’s progress. Encourage them to achieve a weekly target of 1000 points to earn a certificate, building through bronze, silver and gold across the school year.