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Our Vision

At Wood End Park Academy, we would like children and all adults alike to share a love for History. 

We wish for children to develop a love for fact-finding and recalling key facts from the past, from within their own lifetime and beyond. They will have an environment where they are encouraged to be curious about historical events that have taken place nationally and globally. 

We want our pupils to learn of the important people from the past and enquire about how their work has shaped the present. Children to be confident in using different sources to research key facts and question their findings. 

We wish our children to have a good knowledge of British History and how has developed the British Values of today. 

All children will be assessed in history against the skills of the national curriculum. Their history lessons will take place in an environment where children become excited about history; it is fun and they want to share what they have learnt, from school and home. 

Annual History Day

Annual History Day 1
Annual History Day 2
Annual History Day 3