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We are Amazing Artists! 

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” Pablo Picasso

                                         Art Intent 

At Wood End Park Academy, we use Art to allow students to nurture both their creativity and imagination, as well as develop their fine motor skills. Using a wide range of mediums, children are encouraged to experiment with colour, tones, shades, and texture. Our students build upon foundational practices, with the curriculum structured to allow for cross curricular links to be made. Throughout the year, children are exposed to an array of artists, spanning several historical periods, and embracing many different cultures. Over the course of the year, our students develop all aspects of their artistic abilities, through a series of targeted learning questions (lessons), which culminates in the production of their ‘masterpiece’ work. They are then expected to critique and self-reflect on their artwork, an important skill to develop as they transition into Key Stage 3. 

We asked the children how Art makes them feel...