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We are Amazing Artists! 

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” Pablo Picasso

                                         Art Intent 

At Wood End Park Academy, our children are encouraged to foster creativity and imagination through a range of mediums. Children develop their fine motor skills, building up to a mastery of different implements through their art work. They will be experimenting with colour, range of tools, design, tones/shades and texture. Children build upon previously taught disciples to enhance and adopt methods to suit a purpose. Children are exposed to a variety of art forms, artists, cultures and historical periods to produce their own masterpieces and reflect upon their own work and work of others.

Each year it is the Year of Art for our school! This means there is always particular focus on developing and enhancing the creative, artistic talents of our children. We have initiated several art projects that have proved to be very successful and enjoyable for all the pupils involved. 
As always, we encourage and value contributions to our art curriculum from the school community. We have held an open Art afternoon where parents and carers had the opportunity to view children’s art work and become artist themselves! The children became the art teachers demonstrating and explaining various art styles and skills. The adults were encouraged to produce pieces of art work based on the art style demonstrated. This afternoon proved to be a successful collaborative event for all involved. 
We had other events including the Spirited Arts competition. This project encouraged children to explore concepts of spiritual and religious education in a creative way. The theme this year was “Art in Heaven”.  

We asked the children how Art makes them feel...