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Personal, Social and Health Education Intent

Through PSHE we recognise the importance of global citizenship, preparing our children of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. We hope to support our children in developing sympathy and empathy for the challenges faced by others. Within PSHE, we also ensure that our children have the tools they need to keep themselves safe, such as through e-safety, risk awareness and by helping them to understand what bullying is and how to help prevent it. We also teach the importance of charity through our sponsorship of children with the charity Action Aid. Opening minds helps our children to build resilience and regulate their emotions to enhance their well-being and mental health. We want our children to build strong, healthy, relationships which reflect the tolerance and acceptance we model across our school community.

Across Wood End Park Academy, children will be provided with the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to enable them to make informed decisions about their lives inside and outside of school. Children will be taught to communicate their ideas and feelings in a constructive way. The PSHE curriculum will also embed with the Opening Mind competencies and British values to ensure children are well rounded and prepared for a life outside of school.



Celebrating Differences with our Odd Socks (Anti Bullying Week)

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