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 The Park federation Basketball 2021


Wood End Park Academy took place in the 2021 Park federation basketball tournament on Tuesday 12th October. The tournament was held at Western House Academy with eight schools taking part. 

WEPA prepared for this tournament well and had a lot of practice with team play and tactical scenarios. This paid off, as the children were very focused and full of enthusiasm. We played really well in the group stages, playing three games and winning all of them convincingly. We were sharp to the ball and our shooting was accurate. We won 3-0, 3-0 and 7-0 in the group, not conceding one point! 

This momentum took us into the semi-final. As we won our group we played the runners up in the other group, which was Godolphin Academy. We knew this would be a harder test of our skills and endurance. A very exciting end to end game, both sides had opportunities to win the game. It finished 2-2 in normal time. The game went to a shootout, with three players selected to take the shots. A lot of pressure was building from the other schools now watching our thriller. We unfortunately lost 2-1 and was not going through to the final. 


WEPA stayed really focused for our 3rd & 4th playoff game to decide who would get the bronze. We managed to overcome Montem Academy for the second time and win 2-1 to take 3rd place. 

Well done WEPA, third place in the basketball. 

Mr Skipp