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We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to access musical education. Therefore every year group are taught the skills how to play at least one instrument in particular, during their music lessons.

Ms McClean

Reception pupils have weekly singing assemblies and will be introduced to percussion in these assemblies.


  • Year 1: Singing Assemblies and music lessons
  • Year 2: Singing Assemblies and music lessons
  • Year 3: 
  • Year 4 : Tudor Music, African drumming
  • Year 5: Piano, Singing and Drums
  • Year 6: Singing and composition lessons.


Music is an universal language for every child to access, including those with Special Educational Needs and for every talented child to be given the opportunity to exceed.

Children will be taught how to read and write notes on the stave, compose, use ICT in Music, evaluate performances, movement and how to look after instruments.
Singing is a highly important feature, with singing assemblies taking place regularly. Music teaching will begin with the musical interests of the children and scaffold to introduce World Music, Historical and Classical.

Lesson Planning will topically link with other subjects, in particular Maths and English.

We also believe that every child should be given the opportunity to share their learning in class via assemblies, concerts, federation events and performances within the wider community.

Extra curricular clubs are also available and include choir, keyboard, ukulele and violin.

You can see that Music is a valued subject at our academy! Any questions regarding our Music Offer, please do not hesitate to ask to speak to me via the front office.

Miss McLean: Music Teacher

Top Music Tips from Miss McLean
How to hold the Recorder Correctly

Year 3 will be learning to play the Recorder this year!  A Teacher from the Hillingdon Music Service will teach them how to play the Recorder clearly and how to recognise simple notation.  The children will have the exciting opportunity to become a marvellous musician! Here is how to hold a recorder correctly; 


  1. Hold the top of the Recorder with your left hand.
  2. Support the lower end of the Recorder with your right hand.
  3. Place the thumb on your left and cover the hole on the back of the Recorder.


Top tips for singing clearly from Miss McLean
There will be a lot of singing at WEPA, which is the best way to begin exploring music. The children will have the exciting opportunity to perform to friends and parents for the various concerts and events this year.


  1. Sit up straight
  2. Breathe
  3. Smile and make sure you are pronouncing words correctly and in time.
  4. Sing up - without shouting, aim to sing to the back of the room you are in.
  5. Listen and copy the correct tune when singing.


Gallery of Musical Events

Date Event
 December  KS1 Singing Festival -  KS1 Choir
 December  Carol Service – KS2 Choir singing  with the Hillingdon Brass Band in Uxbridge
 December  Kingsley Court Care home for the Elderly Performance
 December Year 2 Carol Concert
December   Keyboard Club Lunchtime Recital
th December Recorder Club Lunchtime Recital