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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

Music Intent

At WEPA, we aim to inspire children with memorable musical experiences so they can release their artistic potential by helping them develop the tools and musical language to be able to express their innermost thoughts and feelings through music. By doing this, the full range of our children can have the opportunity to achieve or even exceed the National Curriculum learning aims, allowing them to be ready for KS3 learning; being adept at expressively singing or playing instruments in ensembles but also having the confidence to perform solo with a deep understanding of how sounds are created, layered and combined to best act as a means of self-expression. We aim to cultivate avid listeners and aficionados of music, who are able to both enjoy music from a range of global and historical contexts and critique it so they become reflective musicians and perceptive young people who can notice the world around them, feel connected to it, including less familiar parts of it and interpret this in their music. In doing this, the children can make strong links to learning in other subjects and use music as a medium to explore this. 

The wider impact of music on a child can be very positive as regular music practice instils discipline and respect and music can be a form of meditation. We try to teach our children to work collaboratively with music, learning from and teaching each other, which can increase their confidence and sometimes literally can give some children “a voice” which can raise their sense of self-worth and in turn help raise their aspirations. Many studies have shown music’s ability to use the brain in a way which reduces stress and improves memory which can only enrich a child as a whole and help them in their learning of other subjects. However we agree with the assertion of the latest Ofsted Review (2021) that music should not be seen as a means to the end of improving learning in other subjects but that rather gaining musical knowledge, skills and understanding are worthy enough goals in themselves.


EYFS Music Area

Watch our Rocksteady Concert by clicking the link below and heading to our Video Resources Centre. 

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