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News Team


Wood End Park Academy has its own Newspaper and it is fantastic. The News Team meet every Wednesday to put together a tearmly Newspaper for the whole school to enjoy. They report on global, national, local and school news, including tips for wellbeing, recommended reads, puzzles, jokes and riddles and an interview with a staff member. 

WEP Gazette News Team on Climate Change

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Hi my name is Neriah. My favorite colour is teal and I love to do arts and crafts. The reason why I joined the newspaper club is because I wanted everyone in the school to know what's happening around the world and school so they have a better understanding of what's happening.

Hi I’m Tolunimi but you can just call me Nimi. I am part of the Newspaper Club crew. I like to sing, dance, read and write stories and my favourite colour is baby blue and baby pink with a hint of baby red.  I like to write about music and fun,  I think WEPA children will enjoy reading about their school!

Hello I’m Anaiya. I am part of the newspaper club. I like to draw and read. This month I’m researching world news (mostly about cop26). Have a nice day! Also, I wanted to be a part of the newspaper club so that I can tell children in WEPA what’s happening in the news and around the world.

Hi my name is Haleema and I joined the newspaper club because of my love for writing and looking at everyone’s happy smiles when we meet together as a group. I love writing stories, telling jokes and my favourite colour is buttercream yellow. My hobbies are writing stories, baking, painting and my favourite hobby of all time…. acting! I think that the pupils in our school will love our newspaper - and the jokes in it!
Hi my name is Rumaydah and my favourite colour is baby-blue.  I have joined the Newspaper Club to make people more interested in reading newspapers more often. I want to tell people and give more information about our school and to help people be able to read a real newspaper.

Hi my name is Tan Tan, and my favourite colours are blue and red. I enjoy many sports such as dodgeball, gymnastics and basketball. The reason I joined the Club is because I love to tell everyone what is going on in their surroundings. I love to beatbox, dance, read and write stories about mysteries, adventures and diaries.  

Hi my name is Janiska and I came to the newspaper club because I saw people going and I really liked their joyful smiles as they came back from the newspaper club. If you want to tell all your friends jokes and riddles you can just check our newspaper’s and I am sure that they will be funny and tricky!! Our newspapers are real - no fake news! :)

Hi my name is Eesa and my favourite colours are orange and yellow. I enjoy many sports such as cricket and football. The reason I joined the Newspaper Club is that I like to write and I like sharing information with everyone I know. I also love to read the newspaper so I want everyone to read it too. The thing I love about the Newspaper Club is that we all work together to complete each edition.
Hi my name is Aashirya, and I love to sing, dance, read and write stories about mystery and adventure. The reason I joined  the Newspaper Club is because I love to tell everyone what is happening around the world. My hobbies are sports (especially dodgeball and gymnastics), arts & crafts, writing and performing.  My favourite colours are mint green and blue. Hi my name is Dari and this month I joined the Newspaper Club because I thought that children in this school could learn more about WEPA and what’s going on. Some things about me; I love baking,singing and Judy Blume (you should read her books), my favourite thing about the Newspaper Club is that the more we write the more you learn!
Hi, I'm Freya (a part of the Newspaper Club). I like doing quizzes and research, the latest article I wrote was about her majesty herself, The Queen. I like writing so wanted to write about important things.