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Head Boy and Head Girl
Key Information

Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl lead a team of prefects. 

The Head Boy and Head Girl are chosen by the teachers in Year Five to take on these roles once in Year Six. The teachers, along with the principal, choose the prefects who will be led by the Head Boy and Head Girl. 

This whole team meet with Ms Johra, the principal, to discuss academy matters and putting forwards ideas to address these. Past work has included: 

  • ensuring packed lunches stay tidy as they sit on packed lunch trolleys throughout the day
  • encouraging younger pupils to add salad to their school dinners
  • choosing pupils for playing well in the playground and awarding special certificates to these pupils
  • monitoring the water bottles in each class, encouraging pupils to stay hydrated by having their own water bottle at hand. 

The team deliver messages to the classes on behalf of the principal. Classes love hearing the latest message knowing it has been dictated by the principal. 

The Head Boy and Head Girl also present an annual update on the academy's achievements to the Board.