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Year 5 - Visit by a local artist

Year 5 Van Gogh Workshop


On January 16th,17th and 18th January, the Year 5 Students were busy channelling their inner painters! A local Artist- Manjit Panesar- came into school to host a workshop focusing on Vincent Van Gogh. The children spent an hour learning about the Artist’s life and experimenting with oil paints.


The children then had the opportunity to create a flower painting based on Van Gogh’s sunflowers. 


Feedback from the children:


Yuusuf Kamal 5RT- Van Gogh’s sunflowers are so different from Georgia O’Keeffe because he did closed composition and Georgia O’keeffe did open composition. 


Riley 5JR- We didn’t even need to use water for the oil paints, we had to use linseed oil which was really fun to use and I felt like a real artist!


Zoya 5TF- Using the palette knives and the painting plates was so fun, it made me feel like a professional artist. I really liked the flowers I created.