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Spring Term Parent Meetings

Dear Parents/Carers,

The time for our Spring Term meetings is here. At this forum, teachers meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress. As before, the meetings will be conducted online using a tool called google meet. For the online meetings to take place, teachers will need the current email addresses of parents.

Tips for a good online meeting:

Use headphones if you have them. Otherwise do ensure background noise is to a minimum

Do choose a place to be in where details of your home life are not displayed.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘turn on background blur’ tool so the background of your home does not show. Only you would show to the teacher

Be prompt as the meetings still will only be ten minutes in length We will schedule your meeting with the teacher on either one of the two days and within the stipulated time frame:

Tuesday 21st March – 3.40pm to 5pm Thursday 23rd March – 3.40pm to 7pm

Please note that the following classes will be holding their Consultation Meetings on a different date – Nursery & 2LF: Thursday 23rd March – 3.40pm to 7pm and Tuesday 28th March – 3.40pm to 5pm The teacher will send an invite to the email address for one of the days and times indicated. You can accept the invitation so the teacher knows you will be attending the meeting. However, to participate in the meeting you would need to log into a gmail account, find the nine dots in the right hand corner and click on the ‘meet’ tool. Alternatively search for ‘google meet’ using google chrome to get onto the internet.

Please ensure that the complete slips which were given out to yourselves and given back to the class teachers in order for them to arrange the meeting times.

Ms Surjeet Johra