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Year 5 Music Performance

Below is a link to the Year 5 Music Around the World performance done on 9th December 2020. Here the children performed songs from different countries, singing in a variety of languages.

The first song "Sakura" is from Japan and is about the incredibly important cherry blossom trees. After a long winter it is said the first sign of colour in the countryside is the beautiful pink colour of the cherry blossom (or sakura) and people often travel miles to see the most beautiful sakura spots!

The next song "Kpa kpa Ngolo" is from Nigeria in the Igbo language and is about a musical clay pot. It’s a nursery rhyme that excited children use to play a game like “Ring a roses”. 

American singer Bon Iver teamed up with Taylor swift to write the third song, "Exile" which is about misunderstandings between people.

The final song, Lipka is a folk song from Poland and is about three brothers who all like the same girl! 


Mr Shumon 

Music Lead