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At Wood End Park Academy, we take great pride in ensuring that we are all E-Safe when using the internet. We aim to keep our pupils safe online and also when using different technology such as games consoles, tablets and mobile phones. 

Pupils at Wood End Park Academy have done an excellent job so far, making sure they are always following E-Safety rules, knowing how to behave when using the internet and asking for advice whenever they are uncertain of anything. We look to continue this and help educate others of the benefits, responsibilities and risk of using information technology. 

The photos of our E-Safety charters, displayed in each class, show how important we feel it is to remember the rules. 

Any concerns parents may have on how their child or other pupils are using the internet at home, please do let the Academy know. 

Mr Hussain
Computing Teacher

Keeping Safe Online

E-Safety Pictures

Internet Safety

Safe-guarding information regarding our internet and network services: 


  • Our service VPN broadband network is hosted through TrustNet and internet filtering is provided through TrustNet (LGFLv2) and Atomwide. 
  • All servers and PCs on our network are protected using Sophos anti-virus, all access to the internet is filtered using multiple streams including multiple internet site blocking
  • Any network devices that accesses services or internet using hardwired or wireless services within our academies are subjected the same filtering policy as any other devices on our network this covers BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), e.g. laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Many internet sites are explicitly filtered and therefore automatically block and cannot be unblock.
  • Academies and schools work at "Secure and Detection level 3".  This means that every effort is made to secure our systems internally and the same effort is given to detection of intrusion of our systems externally.
  • We also adhere to the Category Definitions from the London Grid for Learning, and thus we are in compliance with the "UK Safer Internet Centre" when students and staff are using our internet and network.

Some Useful E-Safety Websites